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Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #8

As someone who grew up with cats, hamsters, fish, rats, birds, lizards, bunnies and even a tarantula, having a dog was always a dream for me that was never fulfilled. When Sansa, my Australian Cattle Dog, came into my life I could hardly believe how happy she made me. She was found on Kijiji as […]

Adoption of the week #7

“I got bella in March of 2007. I had been begging my mum for a couple years for a small dog of my own as we already had 2 large dogs as our family pets. Finally, she decided to give in and I was told I would be able to get a small dog for […]

Adoption of the Week #6

Sometimes its the animals that adopt us into their lives. “My story is not an adoption story, I tried to find a Chihuahua that was up for adoption but I had no luck. Due to a physical disability, I need to have a very small dog and when I found Finley, I knew he was […]

Adoption of the Week #5

“Grace is a princess, our virgin bride, our white beauty. She wasn’t always ours though. We adopted Grace from a guy I work with, and she wasn’t that well taken care of. These people just didn’t have the time to give her the love that she deserves. She’s a long hair cat, and when we […]

Adoption of the Week #4

“My partner and I at the time were planning on getting a kitten around the house because we are both fond of cats and it seemed like a good way for us to bond again. We got Ariya from a feral mother who was pregnant and was taken in by one of our coworkers. Since […]

Adoption of the Week #3

“When we first saw Roxie she was a bundle of chubby red puppy fur bounding through the snow happily in our new neighbours backyard, they had purchased her on a whim while “shopping” at the pet store, but soon we realized that joy was going to be short lived. Roxie is a gorgeous Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback […]

Adoption of the Week #2

“I adopted Lola just over a year ago. At first she was very shy and timid but she quickly became the love of my life! She has such a loving and sweet nature and is a little cuddle monster! She is a very unique looking little pup so she didn’t get a lot of love […]

Animal Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #1

“My husband and I went to the local Humane society, planning on adopting a different dog we had seen on the internet. We met the dog and knew that after the meeting, this particular dog was not a match for us. We were just about to leave we saw this gorgeous Rottweiler/Lab cross peek his […]