What do animal abusers look like

What does an animal abuser look like?

When you think of an animal abuser, what comes to mind? For me, it was a (roughly) middle-aged man, wearing a white tank top, with a low-income and an overly-aggressive personality. But this stereotype is wrong in so many different ways - because there really is no 'standard' when it comes to a person who intentionally hurts animals.

The more you look at statistics, you realize that not only does the abuse itself vary greatly, but those inflicting the abuse also include a diverse range of people. An abuser could be a frustrated farmer, a struggling pet store owner, or a senior struggling with mental health. The truth is, there is no perfect stereotype for a person who harms animals. The best way to ensure that the person you are adopting an animal to is safe, is to try and understand their history and what their life will look like throughout ownership of the animal. For some great ideas on questions to ask a potential pet owner, check out Interviewing Potential Adopters.

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