Man gives his life to save abused puppy

Man gives his life to save abused puppy

We would love to give our deepest thanks to a brave young man, Miguel Ángel Palacios for giving his life to save a neighbor's dog Jerry. Miguel and his brother Juan Pablo intervened after hearing their neighbor Jesús Antonio Castaño threaten to sever the dog’s head with a machete. Their argument became heated, and drunk Jesús assaulted the boys with the machete and a pocket knife. The men were rushed to a nearby hospital, however Miguel lost his life the following morning. Jesús is now facing criminal charges, and Jerry is now living safely with the boy's mother Lina María Montoya.

“We are devastated with the news,” said Diana Carolina Ortiz, director of Lost Dogs Rescue. “Miguel Ángel loved life and all animals and he always wanted to rescue all abandoned dogs that crossed his path.”

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