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Animal Abuse Defence Registry

Pet Lover’s Show in Abbotsford

We had an absolute blast at the Pet Lover’s Show, held in Abbotsford BC. Some of our favourite booths included Petobee’s Natural Raw Pet Food, The Reptile Guy, and the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society.

What do animal abusers look like

What does an animal abuser look like?

When you think of an animal abuser, what comes to mind? For me, it was a (roughly) middle-aged man, wearing a white tank top, with a low-income and an overly-aggressive personality. But this stereotype is wrong in so many different ways – because there really is no ‘standard’ when it comes to a person who […]

Man gives his life to save abused puppy

Man gives his life to save abused puppy

We would love to give our deepest thanks to a brave young man, Miguel Ángel Palacios for giving his life to save a neighbor’s dog Jerry. Miguel and his brother Juan Pablo intervened after hearing their neighbor Jesús Antonio Castaño threaten to sever the dog’s head with a machete. Their argument became heated, and drunk […]