Exotic Animal as Pets

Exotic animals as pets

Everybody likes petting animals and birds and that surely depends on the choice of an individual. Initially, the pets were used to release the workload but the trend has shifted away with the inventions of machines. Nowadays, pets are just pets, in a sense that a person can love it, feed it, and play with […]

Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #8

As someone who grew up with cats, hamsters, fish, rats, birds, lizards, bunnies and even a tarantula, having a dog was always a dream for me that was never fulfilled. When Sansa, my Australian Cattle Dog, came into my life I could hardly believe how happy she made me. She was found on Kijiji as […]

Adoption of the week #7

“I got bella in March of 2007. I had been begging my mum for a couple years for a small dog of my own as we already had 2 large dogs as our family pets. Finally, she decided to give in and I was told I would be able to get a small dog for […]

Animal Abuse Defence Registry

Pet Lover’s Show in Abbotsford

We had an absolute blast at the Pet Lover’s Show, held in Abbotsford BC. Some of our favourite booths included Petobee’s Natural Raw Pet Food, The Reptile Guy, and the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society.

Adoption of the Week #6

Sometimes its the animals that adopt us into their lives. “My story is not an adoption story, I tried to find a Chihuahua that was up for adoption but I had no luck. Due to a physical disability, I need to have a very small dog and when I found Finley, I knew he was […]

Adoption of the Week #5

“Grace is a princess, our virgin bride, our white beauty. She wasn’t always ours though. We adopted Grace from a guy I work with, and she wasn’t that well taken care of. These people just didn’t have the time to give her the love that she deserves. She’s a long hair cat, and when we […]

Adoption of the Week #4

“My partner and I at the time were planning on getting a kitten around the house because we are both fond of cats and it seemed like a good way for us to bond again. We got Ariya from a feral mother who was pregnant and was taken in by one of our coworkers. Since […]

Adoption of the Week #3

“When we first saw Roxie she was a bundle of chubby red puppy fur bounding through the snow happily in our new neighbours backyard, they had purchased her on a whim while “shopping” at the pet store, but soon we realized that joy was going to be short lived. Roxie is a gorgeous Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback […]

Adoption of the Week #2

“I adopted Lola just over a year ago. At first she was very shy and timid but she quickly became the love of my life! She has such a loving and sweet nature and is a little cuddle monster! She is a very unique looking little pup so she didn’t get a lot of love […]

Animal Adoption of the Week

Adoption of the Week #1

“My husband and I went to the local Humane society, planning on adopting a different dog we had seen on the internet. We met the dog and knew that after the meeting, this particular dog was not a match for us. We were just about to leave we saw this gorgeous Rottweiler/Lab cross peek his […]